This is so sad. :(

so young….Call me sensitive, but watching things like this makes me tear up. I used to be like this.

baby no :(

"Kids don’t notice race!!!"

This legit made me tear up. :(

This is so frustrating because I can relate to this child on so many levels. A child should not perceive itself as stupid or ugly only because they do not it in what society decided was considered beautiful or smart.

I hate seeing this because really, it means she’s bullied because of her identity (of which she should be proud). I was bullied about because of my Native heritage and my mom told me that I came home from school one day, crying and telling her how I “wanted to be white like her”. No child should say such things, especially not today.

A couple weeks ago, a guy showed up at my cash and he was wearing a Ted t-shirt. We talked about the movie, and then went on his merry way. Yesterday, I had a busy day filled with crappy customers and then the guy comes up to my cash, takes his debit card and says: “You owe me lobster money!”

And that’s when he made it to my top 5 customers, and incidentally made my bad day a much better one.